Swimsafe Earplugs


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·       The special SwimSafe filters prevent water entering the ears while you continue to hear sufficient ambient noise.

·       Do not give a sense of isolation

·       No water in the ear canal

·       Optimum fit, no unpleasant pressure on the ears

·       To be used from the age of 8 Gets softer by the heat of the ear

·       The earplug doesn’t protrude from the ear

·       The laminated structure of SwimSafe earplugs is produced from a unique, durable soft flexible plastic.

·       The earplug easily fits into the shape of the hearing canal within a few minutes, due to the body heat and thus is very comfortable to wear.





SwimSafe earplugs are to be cleaned easily using lukewarm water and a little soap.


The lifetime depends on the maintenance and the using frequency.  

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