Pacato Filtered Ear Plugs



Love your music…… Love your hearing   

One of the most discreet universal fit ear plugs on the market.  


Everyone at ACS understands their responsibility in safeguarding your most precious sense of hearing.  

It’s a responsibility that we take very seriously and we take great pride in the knowledge that, over the years, our innovative hearing conservation products have helped many thousands of musicians and music lovers to protect and safeguard their most important instrument.  


Selective hearing… 

Not necessarily a bad thing   

Protecting your hearing isn’t just about blocking out sound.  

If you’re performing or listening to music, what isn’t blocked out is equally important.  

Our level attenuating hearing protectors let you hear all of the detail, character and atmosphere of the music in a safer, quieter way.  


The ER20 gives an average 18dB reduction making it ideal for use in amplified environments, whether you’re playing or listening, the ER20 lets you enjoy the show in safety and comfort.  


What does ‘level attenuating’ mean?   

Conventional hearing protectors attenuate (reduce), outside sound levels, but their problem is they can’t reduce the levels equally and cut out more high frequency sounds than they do low frequency sounds.  This means that everything sounds muffled and distorted.  

That’s OK if you’re operating a chain saw, but if you want to play or listen to live music, you need to hear everything in balance.  

Our universal fit ER20 level attenuating hearing protectors reduce all sounds equally, so it’s just like turning down the volume without sacrificing any of the definition of what you want and need to hear.  


ACS ER20 universal fit hearing protectors have been independently tested by CIOP-PIB for accuracy.  


The ER20 is one of the most widely used musician’s earplugs available giving a simple, easy to use and cost-effective solution that can be used straight from the pack.  


Using the included keyring pouch the ER20 is always at hand so you can be protected when you need it most wherever you’re exposed to loud noise.  


A lifetime of pleasure from your music, whether you’re a performing musician, DJ, sound engineer or simply someone that loves listening to music in all its forms, you’ll appreciate just how important your hearing is to your quality of life.  


It’s well documented that continued exposure to high sound levels can irreparably harm your hearing, but by the time you’ve realized there’s a problem you won’t be able to fix it.  


In the worst scenario, it can take just a moments indulgence to take away a lifetime of pleasure from your music.  


After loud sound exposure, it’s quite likely that you’ve experienced ringing in your ears, or a dulled sense of hearing (or both). This is nature’s way of letting you know that you’ve overdosed on sound.  


There’s no need to run the risk of permanent hearing damage though.  


Not only will our protection products safeguard your hearing, they will significantly enhance your listening experiences.  



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