Oto-fresh Cleansing Tissues (tub of 30) for hearing aids and earmoulds



Oto-fresh Cleansing Tissues 

These wipes have been especially developed for the cleaning of your hearing aid and earmould.  

Dispenser tub of 30 cleansing tissues for earmoulds and hearing instruments. Weekly cleaning is recommended. 

Suitable for surface cleansing. An essential item for every hearing aid user.   

Thoroughly wipe off your hearing instrument and earmould with a tissue. Allow them to dry completely before inserting into the ear. 



These tissues come with drying-out protection packaging 

The tissues are supplied in a sealed package and need to be inserted into the dispenser before use.  

This prevents them drying out while in storage.  

Before using, simply remove the tissues from the shrink-wrapped packet and thread the first tissue from the middle through the hole in the dispenser tub.   

Starting with the tissue from the middle will ensure that they pull through easily (just like a ball of string!) 



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