Aqua Sphere Swim Hat and Swim Safe Ear Plugs




Our special combo offer of Swim Safe Ear Plugs and an Aqua Sphere Swim Hat for €20 inc. VAT.  

Just remember to choose your preferred colour above.   

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Please see below for details about these two excellent water protection products.        



Aqua Sphere Swim Hats  


Colours: Blue Black Grey    

Size –  one size, generally recommended for age 10 or above  


  • This special design swimming cap has moulded ear-shape pockets.  

  • They cover your ears unlike most swim hats that only cover part of your ears.  

  • The design distributes grip all over the head and lessens hair pulling.  

  • Made of high grade, hypoallergenic silicone.  

  • Helps prevent swimmers ear (especially when used in conjunction with swimmer’s ear plugs)  

  • Comfortable ear pockets prevent over pressure on the ears                    




SwimSafe Ear Plugs 


The special Swim Safe filters prevent water entering the ears while you continue to hear sufficient ambient noise.  


  • Do not give a sense of isolation  

  • No water in the ear canal  

  • Optimum fit, no unpleasant pressure on the ears  

  • To be used from the age of 8  

  • Gets softer by the heat of the ear  

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